New Age and New Year

I was quite literally on top of the world his past week after climbing a Volcano. Not many people get to claim climbing a volcano on their birthday, especially their eighteenth, but by God’s grace I made to the top and stumbled my way down (of course I did rip my pants…)

Our trip to Fogo this last week was probably the hardest thing I’ve faced all year, not because of the volcano or celebrating my birthday from home, but because of the boat ride. We took a boat from one island to the other and I was so sick. The boat rocked for the four hours we were on it and my stomach couldn’t take it. Luckily on the way back I knew a bit more of what to expect and achieved my goal of finishing the movie “Antman and the Wasp” (which I really enjoyed).

The whole trip was amazing and challenged me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Something I’ve been struggling with is staying positive; it’s hard for me to look in the mirror and see beauty, or to look at my time here in Cape Verde and say “wow you’re to doing great” and trust what God is doing. I’ve begun to feel like a failure in my relationship with God and in a lot of what I do here. I know a lot of it is just in my head, but it really paralyzes me, so Fogo opened a way for me to be stronger.

Getting super sick on the boat could’ve definitely ruined my whole week, but instead I ended up boosting myself up in the bathroom, using prayer as my guide. Did I feel great? Nope. Was my heart set on the good things and God’s promises? Yes. Therefore I rested in knowing it could only get better from here.

It took us 4 hours to climb up the volcano. Was it crazy hard? Yes, I’m pretty sure I was literally climbing with hands and feet at one point. Could I have cried and complained about my legs? Definitely, but my mind was so focused on the awesome opportunity I had and the view of God’s awesome creation surrounding me.

So Fogo taught me to not even look at your problems, don’t even look at your flaws. Look at God’s glory and grace; look at how he is filling in the gaps, how he is making you whole day by day. Don’t look to the future, quit estimating how quickly you can make it to the top because it will take time. Instead focus on each step your taking to get there.

It’s hard to live in each step; to focus on where your feet are, even if you’re someone who can so easily go with the flow. I think that’s what this next year will be for me. Living in every step, in every breath, growing in faith, in spirit, closer in tune with God’s heart and desires.

Happy New Year my friends. Challenges yourself this year, go outside your comfort zone and take a lead of faith! God bless y’all!

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